Monday, April 12, 2010

No sewing today...

Well, I never did any sewing today, but I did get my small 4-patch posy quilt on the frame. Then I mowed and went to Zumba class, did the hot tub and ate. By then I was too tired to start quilting it, so I worked on knitting my scarf instead while watching DWTS. Busy day tomorrow, so I probably won't touch the 4-patch posy until I return from MQX. I am hoping I come back all inspired with lots of ideas and ready to go!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, you'll never have time to quilt!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog...I couldn't answer you direcly because you have your profile set on "no reply".

  2. Anya - that's what I'm afraid of. The more things I get into on the computer, the more they take me away from other things! I'm not sure where I have my profile set on "no reply". If I don't figure it out, it'll have to wait until the weekend!